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Aftercare Support & Maintenance

Innova's experienced team of installation and maintenance engineers provide support and maintenance for newly installed Innova laundry handling systems via our Aftercare plans. We are also able to support all common makes of laundry monorail systems for maintenance and repairs and also modifications or extensions to suit changes in customer needs. 

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Aftercare and Service plans

Innova Systems are designed for many years of trouble-free operation, but any highvolume mechanical system will be subject to significant wear and tear.


That's why we offer our Aftercare plan, which provides you with both a service plan and extended warranty on your new system.


The plan provides proactive maintenance via a yearly service which is parts and labour inclusive and warrants the system against defects and breakdowns. Aftercare is available on an easy monthly subscription plan and is designed to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.


In addition, we offer a Service plan for any existing monorail system provided by us or a third-party manufacturer, designed to keep your laundry moving.

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