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Our laundry handling solutions

Whatever your laundry handling requirements, we deliver handling, storage and conveying systems that offer a complete solution

Laundry sorting machine

Laundry sorting

Our laundry sorting solutions fit into any workspace and significantly reduce your labour requirements, automating the sorting process and improving washing performance and post wash handling.


Our laundry handling solutions High-level, high-volume honeycomb sorting provides the automatic transfer of full loads. Also available with optional double bin stations for continuous sorting and with or without electronic weighing.


For lower-level sorting applications, we offer roll-cage sorting, with optional electronic counting, semi-automatic bag handling with electronic weighing and fully automatic sliding weigh station bag handling with electronic weighing.


InnSort is our latest floor-level automatic transfer sorting solution bringing added efficiencies to lower volume laundries, which were previously only available in highvolume environments.

Belt conveyors

We design belt conveyors that can handle the simplest to the most complex requirements, for every stage of the laundry process. Belt conveyors can be flat, inclined or a combination to any length, incorporating retracting conveyors and bends, and can be integrated with any other systems.

Belt conveyer
bags on a monorail

Monorail storage and delivery systems

Our monorail systems save floor space and transport linen around the laundry more efficiently than manual handling.


All our systems are based on our unique extruded aluminium rail, which is anodised to increase resistance to wear and so reduce down-time and maintenance cycles.


Computer control systems provide optimal management and improved reliability and ease of operation.

Cleanwork monorail

Provides efficient storage and handling of cleaned linen to laundry finishing equipment such as presses and dryers, keeping linen clear of the laundry floor and requiring no manual handling.


Classified monorail

Provide storage and delivery of soiled linen to washing machines and can service multi-station honeycomb sorting systems with automatic bag loading


Primary monorail

Provide dynamic high-level storage and delivery of soiled linen, allowing processing in the optimal sequence, maximising efficiency.


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