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We have over thirty years' experience of designing and developing innovative laundry handling solutions developed specifically for each customer to meet their requirements and solve their laundry handling challenges.

​Optimise laundry throughput. Improve operational efficiency

All our laundry handling systems are thoughtfully designed to optimise your laundry throughput, improving operational efficiencies and increasing productivity at every stage of the journey: from soiled linen sorting, monorail storage and delivery to clean linen handling, press-to-dryer delivery and finished linen conveyor systems.

All systems can be fully automated with computer control systems that are tailored to your requirements, and can monitor, control and report on all the operations within your laundry.

Laundry automation

At Innova Systems we design, manufacture, install and maintain bespoke laundry handling systems for a range of applications including high level, low level and floor level laundry automation requirements.

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Keep your laundry operations moving with Innova's laundry handling solutions 

Belt conveyors

We design belt conveyors that can handle the simplest to the most complex requirements, for every stage of the laundry process.


Our bespoke design and installation process means belt conveyors can be easily integrated with other systems.

Belt conveor


Innova Systems are designed for many years of trouble-free operation, but any highvolume mechanical system will be subject to significant wear and tear.


That's why we offer our Aftercare plan, which provides you with both a service plan and extended warranty on your new system.

Aftercare hearset

Laundry sorting

Our laundry sorting solutions fit into any workspace and significantly reduce your labour requirements, automating the sorting process and improving washing performance and post wash handling.

Laundry sorting

Monorail storage and delivery systems

Our monorail systems save floor space and transport linen around the laundry more efficiently than manual handling.


Computer control systems provide optimal management and improved reliability and ease of operation.

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Constantly innovating laundry handling solutions

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